Information for clients

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP you will be entitled to Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual psychological focussed appointments per calendar year. This allows you to be subsidised by Medicare to receive a rebate.

You can’t get Medicare rebates for all the sessions in one go. After your first 6 appointments, you need to see your GP again for a mental health plan review. You will need this review with your GP to access Medicare rebates for further sessions.

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Information for GPs

Thank you for referring your patient to Mind Strategy Psychological Focussed Counselling. Please note that there is a link below to assist you with understanding what’s required for a Mental Health Treatment Plan which includes templates etc. Please note that your name, practice address and provider number must be on the referral letter. After 6 counselling appointments your patient will need to book an appointment with you to review the mental health plan. If it is decided that more counselling is needed, another referral is required for further sessions to be rebated under medicare. Your patient can have up to 10 counselling sessions per calendar year.

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