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Irene is the creator of Mind Strategy and has over 15 years professional experience holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychology. Irene is an experienced therapist covering a broad range of psychological conditions and disorders. Irene has a specific interest in psychological focussed counselling.

Over the years Irene has worked as a Therapist, Project Manager, Mental Health Clinician, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Clinician, Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis Response Worker, Trauma Counsellor, Emergency Department Rapid Response Counsellor, Lecturer at TAFE, University Student Counsellor, Supervisor of Social Work Students and Manager of an Emergency Centre.

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Mind Strategy AASW Badge
B.A Social Work
Post Grad B.A Psychological Studies

Our Values

Professional Integrity – Mind Strategy offers a high standard of professional conduct and is committed to therapeutic outcomes.

Respect – Mind Strategy is a respectful practice and offers inclusivity to all cultures and identities.

Ethical Practice – Mind Strategy is committed to ethical practice through honesty, fairness and professionalism, striving for the best interest of our clients.

Confidentiality – Mind Strategy is committed to a safe, confidential service. No information is shared with other parties without your knowledge. There are limits to confidentiality for GP referrals, which will be explained to you if you are referred by your GP.


You do not need a referral to book an appointment. You can self refer and pay in full. A Mental Health Care Plan from your GP is required to access Medicare rebates. You can also receive Medicare rebates if you have a Mental Health Care Plan referral from a psychiatrist.
The number of sessions that you will need can depend on things such as the severity of your distress or your individual goal plan. During the first appointment your therapist will outline some points that require work and suggest a number of sessions and a session plan that we both agree on. It’s best to book appointments in advance so the treatment plan is consistent.

Yes. Mind Strategy provides telehealth to people living remote and can use video calls or telephone calls to people who are disabled or unable to travel. Face to face appointments are preferred as they provide a level of interpersonal interaction and warmth. Payments for telehealth are made through Medipass. Medicare rebate will be processed through Medipass in the same transaction.

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