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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

At Mind Strategy, we provide dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) in our therapeutic counselling for specific kinds of psychological symptoms, conditions and disorders relating to the management of emotions.


Dialectical behaviour therapy is modified version of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). DBT uses a similar approach to CBT—understanding that how we think, feel and behave is all connected. 

This type of therapy focuses on people who experience intense emotions, display unhealthy coping behaviours like self-harm or substance abuse and have trouble managing them. It is proven to help people with borderline personality disorder and other clinical problems.


Dialectics is about the integration of two opposing thoughts and the understanding that both can have truth to them. With your therapist, you learn to accept the things that cannot change and change the things that you can.

With DBT, you learn four skills as you work through your symptoms, conditions or disorders. Two of these are based on learning skills in acceptance and two are based on learning skills to help you cope. 

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An Adelaide Woman in an Dialectical Behaviour Therapy session


Acceptance skills
Coping skills

Who can Dialectical Behaviour Therapy help ?

Dialectical behaviour therapy is highly effective for people who have or currently experience:

DBT is proven effective with the support of clinical disorders including:

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What results can you expect from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

Dialectical behaviour therapy can help you to better regulate and process your intense emotions, improving your quality of life.

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