Relationship Counselling Adelaide

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is a form of counselling to help individuals, couples and families deal with the general issues of life. Our relationships play a big part in our overall wellbeing and happiness and can sometimes be difficult. When our personal relationships are not working well, other areas of our lives and our abilities to cope can be negatively impacted. Many relationship issues can be mitigated and managed with the right help and support.

What does relationship counselling involve?

Relationship counselling provides a safe space to explore feelings and emotions in a confidential, respectful and supportive manner. It requires consent from both parties. Your therapist is trained to listen with empathy and expertise regarding your relationship. They will offer you both time to talk as individuals in the counselling session and will support respectful engagement when coming together to speak to each other in the counselling session.

A troubled Adelaide couple need Relationship Counselling

How can relationship counselling help?

Relationship counselling can help couples identify patterns and reach specific goals in their relationships. Most couples who attend relationship counselling sustain a healthier, happier relationship, meeting the needs of the relationship together. Relationship counselling can provide strategies, or suggestions on how to approach a situation respectfully in the relationship.

Relationship counselling can offer a way forward, help couples overcome barriers and ensure that everyone’s needs are attend to the relationship. It can offer a greater understanding of each other’s uniqueness in the relationship. Ultimately, relationship counselling is about guiding two people towards a happier life; even if that means acknowledging and accepting the end of the relationship.

An Adelaide couple engaged in Relationship Counselling

Who is relationship counselling for?

Relationship counselling can benefit many people. Mind Strategy can assist individuals preparing to be in a relationship, couples who are new to a relationship, couples who wish to make their relationship stronger and couples who are having difficulties in their relationships.

For some couples, the spark has fizzled out over time. Relationship counselling can provide options and strategies to reinvent the spark, and open personal growth in the relationship.

For some couples, it may be time to talk through separation options in a healthy, supportive environment. It is important to note that there can be unexpected consequences in relationship counselling. For example, your partner may open up and say things that you were not expecting to hear. It is important for both parties in the relationship to consent to relationship counselling together, and to respect each other’s expressions or experience within the relationship.

Signs that you may benefit from relationship counselling

1. You’re having trouble communicating with each other.

Inadequate communication is one of the most common issues that distressed couples face. Poor communication can manifest in many ways, from feeling like you speak a different language to your partner to a complete absence of communication. Some signs that your communication could benefit from relationship counselling are:

2. There is a lack of trust in your relationship

Trust is difficult to gain, but very easy to lose. When one or both of you lack trust in each other, winning it back can be challenging – especially in cases of betrayal or infidelity. Relationship counselling can help when you want to give each other a second chance. Some signs that trust has eroded in your relationship that may benefit from relationship counselling are: 

3. You no longer feel connected to each other

Sometimes it can be difficult to put your finger on the specific problems in your relationship, but it doesn’t feel like it used to. You feel lost, unhappy and disconnected from your partner, but you don’t know why. A relationship counsellor can help you gain insight into these feelings and help restore the connection and affection in your relationship. Some signs that the connection in your relationship could benefit from relationship counselling include:

There are many other issues that can benefit from relationship counselling which may not be listed above. If you are unhappy with your relationship, you’re going through a rough patch with your partner, or just feel like things could be better than they are please get in touch with us to discuss your options and how we might be able to help.

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Mind Strategy is not currently taking new couples for relationship counselling. For individual counselling please book online.