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Schema Therapy

At Mind Strategy, we provide schema therapy in our therapeutic counselling for all kinds of psychological symptoms, conditions and disorders that stem from childhood related events or abuse.


Schema therapy is a cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on schema modes and dysfunctional coping styles. The aim of this therapy is to strengthen the healthy adult mode and reduce the impact of responding with harmful maladaptive coping styles or behaviours. 

A schema is a pattern of thinking or core beliefs developed during early childhood or through adverse life experience. Some schemas are helpful while others are unhelpful and we often distort our view of situations in our lives to maintain the validity of our schemas.  Schema therapy is particularly helpful for people with personality disorders and when patients fail to respond well to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Often if a child’s needs are not met in their childhood, problematic modes of behaviour can develop. 

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An Adelaide man engages in Schema Therapy with his Therapist

Understanding MODES and coping styles

In schema therapy certain behaviours can be categorised into particular mind states called modes. These modes consists of a cluster of schemas and coping styles.

The coping styles which form as a result of these modes can be broken down into five categories.

An Adelaide woman experinces a breakthrough during Schema TherapyAn Adelaide woman experiences a breakthrough during Schema Therapy

How can schema therapy help you?

When other methods of therapy have not been successful, schema therapy has been able to help change patterns of behaviour that people have lived with for a long time. 

This type of therapy is helpful if you have Borderline Personality Disorder, or other problems relating to childhood deprivation or abuse.

Your therapist will help you to understand and evaluate your early traumas by:

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